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Best Destinations To Say ‘I Do’

The place you get married is of high importance since you will only get married once, or maybe thrice in some cases. Many couples prefer to celebrate their wedding in a special destination so that the memory will be unforgettable. Below are some destinations that are uniquely beautiful and will definitely make your day special.

New Orleans

It is a city that sparkles with celebratory energy. Its French and Spanish influences are reflected through its architecture. The Creole cuisine will be a definite treat to your guests. Since New Orleans is rich in culture, you will have no issues regarding wedding entertainment. The city’s brass band ‘Second line’ will serve as your wedding parade. You can also make use of its famous street cars as your wedding transportation. The party atmosphere within the city walls will make it an amazing day for you and everyone who attends your wedding.

Islands of Tahiti

This will be the ideal choice for a beach wedding. Tahiti is a completely different universe surrounded by turquoise blue water. The lagoons, canoes, and sea life will make it even better. The Tahitian touch will be reflected through each aspect in the celebration, from your wedding dress to the flower garlands. The island also has various beautiful locations for you to get married apart from the beach. The glass bottom chapel in Bora Bora is the best among them.

Saint Lucia

It is a literal paradise surrounded by mountains. If you are looking for some greenery in your wedding, this should be your pick. Apart from mountains, it also has rain forests and botanical gardens that will enhance the scenic element in your wedding. The city offers many onsite planners, who will customize your wedding according the city’s culture and traditions. This means that you will walk in a Caribbean styled bridal dress on an aisle of flowers to the music of drums and flutes.


This will make your wedding more serene and romantic. Greece offers special treats for couples who get married between May-October. You will be offered the delicious Mediterranean cuisine, local wine and plenty of traditions. Crete, Corfu and Rhodes will be your ideal destinations. You will get a scenic beach background with ancient civilizations, which will be quite a backdrop for your wedding. The Venetian touch in architecture and culture will make it no different from Italy itself.

Hosting your wedding at these iconic locations will not only make your wedding day extraordinary but will also give you a different experience from the clichés of Vegas and Hawaii.